Reality TV and Sizzle Reel Production Services

Everybodies got to have a dream. We can take your great idea for a reality TV show and produce a sizzle reel or pilot episode to help you with your pitch.

This video is a sizzle reel for “That’s Here?!”, a reality TV/travel show that is an original production of ours. The show is about a father and daughter, Fred and Jo Firestone, and their travels across the country exploring Americana together. Each episode focuses on the history and the present of these national treasures. We follow Fred and Jo on their explorations and meet the people whose lives are woven into the fabric of American Pop culture.

The first episode takes place in Huntingburg, Indiana, where League Stadium is located, which was constructed for the 1992 film “A League of Their Own” .  It is currently the home of the Dubois County Bombers of the collegiate summer Prospect League. 

Fred and Jo met the team and got some coaching from some of the players on stepping up their game. Jo suited up in an official Peaches uniform and stepped up to bat as Fred took the mound. Fred and Jo watched a Bombers game with the former mayor of Huntingburg, who was instrumental in negotiating the construction of a permanent stadium with Colombia Pictures. They also visited with the “3rd Base Deadbeats”, a spirited bunch of Bombers fans that have made claim to the benches by third base. Watching a baseball game in League stadium is the ultimate in American Americana!