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  • Lost Flowers

    Lost Flowers

    Lantern Creek Productions produced our first short film to help market the book Lost Flowers: True Stories of the Moonshine King, Percy Flowers by Perry Sullivan. The film is based on the authors memoirs of his father Percy Flowers, a legendary moonshiner from North Carolina. The film was directed by Frank Wachowe and  shot by Jordan Wyatt on location in Brussels, Illinois and St. Charles, Missouri. The book can be purchased on Amazon.com.  

  • Footsteps into the World Beneath

    Footsteps into the World Beneath

    Lantern Creek Productions was Second Unit for the the documentary “Footsteps into the World Beneath”. The documentary is about a cave that was recently discovered and whose original entrance had collapsed 600 years ago, sealing prehistoric human, bear, and mountain lion activity in a virtual time capsule. It is currently a featured video on The Archaeology Channel. There were several challenges to this project. The crew repelled 65 ft. through a sink hole to enter the cave and traveled 1200 […]