Footsteps into the World Beneath

Lantern Creek Productions was Second Unit for the the documentary “Footsteps into the World Beneath”. The documentary is about a cave that was recently discovered and whose original entrance had collapsed 600 years ago, sealing prehistoric human, bear, and mountain lion activity in a virtual time capsule. It is currently a featured video on The Archaeology Channel.

There were several challenges to this project. The crew repelled 65 ft. through a sink hole to enter the cave and traveled 1200 ft. into the cave. Keeping the gear clean and dry was a constant battle. The cave was a  research cave, there are designated paths for walking to protect tracks and artifacts, we had to be strategic in setting up the shots and mindful where we stepped . We also put a lot of preproduction into figuring out a portable power supply for the lights and what lights and gear to bring in.

This video is dedicated to our former intern Pat, who went missing in the cave. His unpaid internship paid the ultimate price;(